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The over all objective of this course is to equip the student to converse in English with ease and confidence. This is founded on the realization that the earlier we initiate a student into a language the easier it is for him/her to master it.

English Course: That is used in this Lab


  • Content developed by British & Indian Linguistic Experts-Dr.David a Hart (Oxon), Ph.D (Derby), Senior Lecturer in English, Oxford UK & Team.
  • Project of/by The Fast Learning Research in English Language approved by Centre for Faculty Resources Development in English (CFRDE).

It is a known fact that even though our students score high marks in their examinations, they are ill-equipped to articulate well in English. This becomes a major handicap to them when they face a competitive world where English assumes the status of the lingua franca.This Course is a modest attempt to address the need of those students.



  • Exploits multimedia facilities such as audio, video, text, animation and makes optimum use of Language Lab facility.
  • Makes use of native (British) speaker's pronunciation alone.
  • Extensive exercises for reinforcement and spiraling.
  • Starts from the basics and steadily progresses to advanced level.
  • Content developed by university/college/school teachers and researchers.

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