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Prof. Gitanjali Maurya
         Education is the oldest art through which our culture and scientific heritage transfers to the next generation. The Teacher-Student relationship is a dignified tradition and it plays an important role in social reform and development. Quality of the teacher is to make students understand the conceptual knowledge of the subject and to perform his duty with full devotion and accountability towards the College.
         Expansion reflects growth, The College has also grown over the years, on the occasion of the completion of its 61 years of glorious standing, it is appreciated to acknowledge its strength, the members of faculty of this college & to see how they have evolved from "THEN TO NOW". Each member is a star that shines with his/her persona, research activities & professionalism. Two of our B.Sc.(Ag.) students have been awarded with Chancellor's Medal securing highest marks in University Merit.
         We are determined to strengthen improved & better infrastructural facilities and to add certain new UG courses of vocational in nature for achieving excellence in teaching, research and out reach programmes that would be comparable to global standards. Two new courses viz. B.Com & BCA have been started w.e.f. July 2016.
         I once again extend a hearty welcome to the viewers of the website.
Prof. Gitanjali Maurya

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